Victorian Energy Upgrades


We partnered up with accredited VEU providers.


  • Accredited Provider listed under VEU
  • Significant savings in Energy Bills
  • Helping reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Upgrade of Comfort and Lifestyle
  • Government program approved Product
  • 24/7 Emergency Services


Let’s take a look at a few options.


1. Through the VEU rebate, SMART UTILITIES PTY LTD offers eligible customers FREE brand-new multi-split reverse-cycle air conditioners for space heating and cooling.
Customers will be provided consultation for their requirements, and our expert technicians will conduct a thorough site visit after booking an appointment.
The final quotation and contract will be sent via email for your approval. Installations are done with fully licensed HELCRO ELECTRICAL Electricians.

Scan here for the VEU Customer Fact Sheet.

Once you contact us and book a free consultation, we will inspect your property and provide you with an assessment of your requirements and contract.
Our fully licensed expert technicians will then decommission your existing gas-based heating􀀁systems and install FREE brand-new energy-efficient air conditioners.
You can now enjoy significant energy􀀁 savings with your new electric energy upgrades.



Additional perks with Smart Utilities:
Smart Utilities will cover the entire cost of your product, so you only have to pay for installation performed by our qualified technicians and electricians.
SMART UTILITIES PTY LTD’s entire product range is fully certified and approved. Additionally, SMART UTILITIES PTY LTD is an approved VEU service provider.
All of their products come with a long-term. Manufacturer Warranty of 5-7 years.