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Helcro Electrical takes pride in delivering high-quality installations and materials for our commercial, residential, and industrial projects.



Eden Rise Dental, Berwick


Eden Rise Dental was completed in collaboration with HAITCHE PTY LTD. This clinic reflects the style and circular design with specialized dental equipment and an advanced HVAC system tailored to each room.




Bentleigh, Victoria


This spacious house in Bentleigh features open-space living and efficient illumination. The cleverly concealed HVAC slots provide a constant flow of fresh, cool air.





3. Recreational Vehicle Off Grid Conversion


The Victron solar system was connected to the batteries to regulate the solar energy captured by the panels and deliver it to the batteries, which are stored until required by the various electrical devices in the bus. These devices include a domestic refrigerator, Split System A / C unit, water pump, lights, fans, chargers, etc.

Protective Circuit breakers were installed, 240-Volt electrical wires were run, and power plugs were installed in various locations within the bus. These also included an inlet to accept power from outside (shore power) to charge the batteries and run the internal electrics through the Victron “System,” as well as an outlet to make available 240-volt power generated by the Victron system to the outside of the bus.

A domestic inverter-based Split system air conditioner was installed with a remote control internal unit inside and the outside unit firmly mounted on the rear of the bus (again, this needs special attention because of the speed bumps and corrugated roads you encounter in Australia).









                                                                                                                                                Bell street, Victoria

This house is a multi-award winner in various fields. It is part of the GRAND Design Australia TV show and is rewarded for being Victoria’s best passive design house.

It is designed by two German architects and represents the pinnacle in technology and design.This solar project required commitment and specialized equipment to mount on the high-pitch metal roof and resist high-impact winds.













Mount Morency, Victoria


This is one more house project in Mount Morency.