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Helcro securities extensive range of products cover all your needs in terms of choice, giving you the ultimate assurance of safety in your home or business

Why choose Helcro Security?

The service that we provide is wholly designed to make you feel at ease with your choice of investment in a secure and fully functional security system. We’ll have you installed with a set-up that carefully matches your needs with the great backing of our industry knowledge and degree of skill that the security of your environment requires.

Helcro securities extensive range of products cover all your needs in terms of choice, giving you the ultimate assurance of safety in your home or business

Home Security Installation and Systems


Helcro security is well equipt for you to finally take that first step, or for a much needed or long overdue upgrade that reflect a modern option. In taking strides towards securing your property to a point where you can be more at ease, Helcro Security is your first correct choice on the path to safety. If it’s your first time in considering taking the step towards securing your home, Helcro’s installations will make sure that it’s done correctly the first time, ensuring that your investment is an astute one. And if it is that upgrade of system your after, we’re more than armed in what we can provide in meeting your satisfaction.


So what are your options? It’s important for you to feel secure in your own home, and to have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve taken every step available in doing so. Outside of our excellent choice of alarm systems, there are plenty of other alternatives to explore, such as our advanced CCTV camera systems that can operate sharply in any conditions that you wanna throw at them. The addition of a technologically modern CCTV set-up is an imperative addition to your new or existing household, and we’d love to run you through your options with Helcro Securities friendly and informative consultation. Our stock of home security systems from the world’s leading brands means that our team comes well and truly stocked with something that will more than satisfy your demand towards creating a safe and secure environment for you and your family. But let’s not stop at CCTV, the list of options in ensuring your homes security is packed with plenty of great additions.


 Modern home security Intercoms come packed with features that can assist you in going above and beyond to ensure your home and family is safeguarded against unwanted visitors. With options such as visual recording records, mobile controlled intercom for when you aren’t home, or for a peace of mind in knowing who’s at your door, Helcro’s intercom brands are an intelligent and easily affordable way to go about your daily business. Some of our systems also provide the option of in-home communication, adding yet another value to your home.

Alarm Systems


Helcro’s list of options for alarm systems is second to none when it comes to the modern home and modern lives. Technologies such as remote alarming, linked with your mobile phone, are imperative options in having absolute peace of mind. It won’t turn your stove off after you’ve left the house, but it will turn on or disengage your alarm at your own choosing if your in any doubt. Our provision of a wide a varied choice in alarm systems with easy to use interfaces perfectly place us to tailor something that’s specific to your need, because we realise that the same option doesn’t fit every situation. So whatever your budget or requirement, Helcro is always going to have an option for you. An alarm system can come with so many more features than you might first imagine, meaning with us, you can really explore what we have to offer with our expert knowledge of the available market. Helcro stocks and installs well known, fully trustworthy, and no fuss systems from brands as Paradox, Bosch, ness, and more.


In terms of home security, the right option in home camera monitoring can be the most useful and reliable option you can embark on, depending on your situation and needs. The range of uses and combinations that they can provide in the ultimate scope of security is second to none. Helcro can provide your home with round the clock monitoring that can be controlled and viewed remotely. As well as being a fantastic visual deterrent for any would-be intruders or unwanted guests, the ability to have a recorded log of any activity on your property is a fantastic way of ensuring that you’ve covered all bases of what you might want in choosing your home security system. Helcro’s camera brands cover all your needs, with low light and night vision, remote viewing, weather resistant operation, and a high definition image that assists you in leaving nothing to doubt should you encounter any issues on your property. Our range and knowledge in great installation technique allows us to cater to your needs exactly, whatever your situation or property size. We stock brands such as Bosch, Hanwha, Hikvision, Mobitox, Dahua, and more. When it comes to CCTV, only the very best in brands should be trusted, which is why Helcro Security is great .

Business security Installation and Systems

Your move towards a secure business environment can do no wrong in first contacting Helcro Security. Taking off on the right foot in terms of product choice and correct installation requires the knowledge and experience that we can provide. Choosing the correct system and covering all bases is of vital importance when it comes to securing your business in an environment where the less you need to worry about the better.


So what are your options in business security? Whether it’s an office, warehouse space, or public commercial space, depending on your need, we’ve got the products. Our extensive list of Brands include Bosch, Hikvision, Mobitox, Paradox, Dahua, Hanwha, Aiphone, Ness, and more. We can cover your requirements with an advanced CCTV set-up which can combine with alarm systems, Access control options, and intercom options for a further peace of mind. Our systems can be fully integrated or run as singular systems. The choices that we’ve made available for you will cover every single aspect of security you might need, and we aren’t talking junkyard dogs, we’re talking the latest in available technology.

Alarm Systems

Armed with the absolute latest in Alarm system technology, Helcro Security is well versed in installing a system that can suit any sized space, ensuring that the base step of any initial move towards a more secure business is one you can rely on. The importance of a reliable Alarm system to your business one that is hard to overstate. More importantly, having one fitted that suits your particular space that functions in a tailor made way, is something that can’t be overlooked. Not only do they highly reduce you and your business being a victim of crime, but they save you money in the long run, either through insurance or theft alert protection, allowing any relevant and connected authority in helping to protect your interests. We stock alarm system set-ups that are perfectly tailored towards to any level of business, from large factories to commercial spaces big and small. Calling on trusted product options from brands such as Bosch, Paradox, and ness, Helcro’s extensive service guarantee of providing a knowledgable and friendly customer experience will have you feeling at ease with your choice of security alarms.

Access Control

 Depending on your space, a lot of modern businesses are highly reliant on access control systems. The options available can have your environment locked up like your own personal Fort Knox. It can allow you the option of your staff to operate within authorised areas at your designation, along side securing your space against any unwanted or unauthorised personnel. The choices available in access control can range from a simple but highly secure one lock access via pin, card, or finger print, to a more ramped up option with a sophisticated multi-entry, and integrated software control system. It all depends on what will work best to suit your environment, which is something our thorough and friendly consultation will walk through with you.


One stress of being a business owner or just having the pressure of operating a business is that you cant always be present. A great option for you in achieving that well-oiled and operational business is by having a camera security system installed. The stats alone for business costs in Australia when it comes to suffering theft, vandalism and general liability issues, run into the absolute millions, making this a worthwhile investment. In assisting your investment, we can offer you the most cost effective options, whilst using some remarkably slick, multi-purposed, and clear visioned camera systems that we will tailor to the ultimate state of effectiveness to work with your business space. Whether or not your space is small, large, or architecturally complicated, Helcro Securities knowledge in electrical installation will meet your needs with a thoughtful process based in both care and pride of work. So set up a consultation, and we’ll fill you in on what we can provide.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system gives your business the ability to be secure in assuring a sound knowledge of who’s coming in and out of your premises at any given time. Not only can our choice of commercial intercom systems offer you a visual or vocal monitoring option and help you to communicate back, but they can be attached and integrated into already existing automated doors, remote controlled gates, and any other operating systems you may already have. They can also be handy for after hours operations, allowing you to inform any would-be customers of any emergency contact options.