Air Conditioner Installation

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Air Conditioners

Refrigerated systems are the ultimate in air conditioning and climate control. Refrigerated air conditioning provides unobtrusive quiet climate control. Warm even heat is distributed during Winter and clean cool air during Summer. It provides precise comfort control in all weather conditions.


Split systems consist of two parts, these reverse cycle split systems consist of an outside compressor contained within a compact metal shell, with an indoor wall-mounted unit that is aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive.

Depending on structural limitations of the house, building , an apartment internal wall unit is installed  inside the home living area where it will generate highest efficiency in cooling and heating.External unit is installed adjacent to the building, or on the roof of the building or on the wall of the building.


Our repair team can arrange regular maintenance checks to clean filters, inspect electrical wiring and generally keep your unit going strong. When installing your unit our team will attempt to contact you to remind you that your unit is due for its service. We try to stay in touch with all of our customers.


Regular and ongoing maintenance also re insures that your air conditioner can be relied upon and will constantly work at its optimum capacity.

Regular maintenance includes:

  • Fully clean and deoderise filters and indoor housing
  • Check supply and return air temperatures
  • Clean indoor coils
  • Check evaporator drain
  • Calibrate remote control
  • Check condenser fan for any obstructions
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check pipe insulation – replace if necessary

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Power saving tips

  • The fridge is one of the most expensive devices in your home. Check your fridge is set between 3-5 degrees and freezers are set at -15 degrees.
  • Only cool the rooms you use most and keep air-conditioning between 23 and 26 degrees.
  • Insulate your roof
  • Use a cold-water cycle to do the washing.
  • Avoid using the dishwasher between 4pm and 7pm.
  • Replace old incandescent and halogen light globes with energy efficient globes.

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